Ask Kirino Ranmaru

((edit: I’ve been speaking bad Engrish purposely for 10 days now I can’t Engrish..It’s “defend” not “defense” I’m gomen.))

Why am I answering for Kazemaru san, is this blog even about me anymore.

Why would you think Kazemaru san is a girl.

And he is only 24 years old—10 years older than me, there is no way he can be my dad/mom.

If he is really my mom, then who is my dad.

((ahaha the quality //hit))

((I don’t remember how Kirino and Kazemaru’s miximax exactly look like but I remember it’s something similar to this.))

Use L’oreal.

((Sorry for not updating for so long I have no excuse.

I tried to Japanese.))

((I’m gomen but I tried.))

((crappy animation is crappy))